Adora Chocolates

I love Adora chocolates! I can’t help myself… I’ve just got to drop by when near the city store. They have a great selection of refined and flavoursome chocolates. Picking favourites is an arduous task, but my top 3 would have to be the raspberry dark truffle, the Good Company (dessert wine and white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate and pistachio coating) and the honey truffle. Oh, it is too hard to choose… I also love the chai truffle, the lime white truffle coated in roasted coconut, the chilli and cinnamon white truffle and the ginger dark truffle. These are chocolates which make you forget about anything else as they melt in your mouth. The final products are a true reflection of the fresh ingredients used. It’s preservative free and it’s refreshing.

Sofitel Wentworth, 2 Blight Street, Sydney
10 Homer Street, Earlwood
2b/103 George Street, Parramatta

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