Harris Farm Markets

I am a huge fan of Harris Farm Markets, they’ve just got it right!

It really irritates me when people think shopping at Harris Farm is posh. A lot of people have a misconception that the big supermarkets provide better value. I’ve checked for myself and I’ve found that Harris Farm offers, an overwelming majority of the time, cheaper fruits and vegetables than the large supermarket chains. The same conclusion applies to meats, water bottles and other products of the same brands.

But good prices are only one reason why I praise Harris Farm so highly. An another obvious one is the quality of the products on offer. Fruits and vegies are constantly outstanding. I recommend that you subscribe to the Harris Farm newsletter. It isn’t super fancy or particularly well written, but it is highly informative and will turn you into a better buyer. Every week, David Harris writes about the best fruit and vegies in store based on the season and the weather patterns.

Finally, I can only endorse Harris Farm for treating its customers with respect and smiles. I highly appreciate that the product origins and prices are always visible. This is no more than the transparency we, the customers, deserve.

Harris farm has a wonderful range of local and foreign products. Here is a list of some products I love and regularly buy at Harris Farm:

  • Lorina Lemonade – I grew up drinking Lorina lemonade so it holds a very special place in my heart!
  • Chilli bites by The Biltong Man – This is my snack of choice. It is tasty and definitely healthier than chips or cheese. It does require quite a bit of chewing, but this is good as it forces you to eat slower.
  • Burnt Fig, honeycomb and caramel ice cream by Maggie Beer – This is my new favourite ice cream, I love the liquid caramel!
  • Chorizo by Manolete – Fantastic addition to a paella, it is just not the same without it!
  • Afghani Bread – Original alternative to classic crackers. It works particularly well with hummus.
  • Pink grapefruit juice and mango juice by Dewlands – Cheap and tasty.
  • Raspberry sauce by Cutaway Creek– A delicious addition to a chocolate cake or a vanilla ice cream.

I’d love to hear your recommendations so please leave a comment.

Harris Farm Markets

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