Carême Frozen Pastry

It is hard to explain how good Carême frozen pastries are so I recommend you give it a go. All kinds – the puff, the vanilla bean shortcrust, the sour cream shortcrust and the chocolate pastries – are unbeatable in taste and practicality (ready rolled). Yes, it is pricey ($11 a pack) but I can’t be bothered making average pastry when I have the convenience of frozen deliciousness. It seems that some of Sydney’s best chefs haven’t resisted the temptation either and source their puff pastry from Carême.

My only criticism is that both the vanilla bean shortcrust (my favourite) and the sour cream shortcrust come with enough pastry for two tarts. It can’t be refrozen, it can’t be kept for more than 24h according to the packaging (although last time I kept the leftover in the fridge for 3 days before using it and it was perfectly fine) and it obviously shouldn’t be thrown out, so one is forced to make two desserts. It is a bit much for two but thankfully I always find friends or colleagues more than happy to help me maintain my waistline!

Carême frozen pastry packs are available from specialty shops, e.g. Thomas Dux.

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